Going the extra mile – routine maintenance in a tight timeframe

Norway’s Remøy Shipping AS, a leading management company for offshore service vessels, pride themselves on the dependable level of service they offer their customers. When the vessel Rem Eir required routine maintenance, it had to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the vessel was ready on time for a customer with a very tight deadline. Wärtsilä was able to provide the engine and turbocharger overhaul that Remøy Shipping needed as part of a complete one-stop-shop approach, completing the job ahead of the already tight nine-day schedule.

As part of its scheduled maintenance at 24,000 running hours, Remøy Shipping needed a Wärtsilä 4-stroke engine overhaul of Rem Eir’s two W6L34DF engines as well as maintenance on the Napier turbochargers. This included parts and workshop services at Wärtsilä’s workshop in Rubbestadneset, Norway, as well as onboard service alongside the quay, also at Rubbestadneset. The workshop and its solution-oriented team have established a reputation for high-quality engine and propulsion services, and the workshop’s proximity to the quay brings many additional benefits for ship operators, both logistically and by increasing the flexibility to adjust the scope of work when needed.

A focus on cooperation

With Remøy Shipping’s contractual obligations to their customer limiting the time reserved for maintenance and vessel downtime, Wärtsilä promised to complete the overhaul in only nine days. The overhaul was arranged to take place in a Wärtsilä-owned workshop where COVID-19 safety restrictions also needed to be taken into account. The Wärtsilä team was able to carry out the overhaul within the agreed schedule by working in shifts, with the maintenance operation continuing day and night. Even though the timeframe for the work was short, the Wärtsilä team was able to complete the maintenance well within the schedule, leaving enough time before the deadline for additional maintenance beyond the originally agreed scope.

Wärtsilä’s operators, supervisors and coordinator worked closely together to ensure all possible steps were taken to meet both the deadline and quality demands of Remøy Shipping’s customer. All in all, 37 staff were involved in the project, with the cooperation and communication between Wärtsilä and Remøy Shipping proving key to the project’s success.

“It was key that we were able to get the maintenance carried out in the given timeframe and to a high standard. Wärtsilä kept us fully informed every step of the way and we also met each day in person. The team let us know about any additional work and spare parts needed and gave us a quote to approve before the extra work was started. Thanks to this close cooperation and the skill level of the Wärtsilä engineers, we were able to keep our promises to our customer and have the vessel sailing again well within the agreed schedule.”

– Magne Remøy, Vessel Manager, Remøy Shipping AS




A very tight schedule to perform routine maintenance on Rem Eir

Wärtsilä 4-stroke engine overhaul and turbocharger maintenance, including parts, workshop services and onboard service, performed by a team working around the clock.

Remøy Shipping was able to have the vessel sailing again well within the agreed schedule, keeping their promises to their end customer.

The need for a reliable maintenance process with smooth integration of services and minimum effort.

Full one-stop-shop service from a single supplier.

Lower risk and less in-house effort for Remøy Shipping.