Since the early beginning in 1899, Remøy Shipping has developed and grown into what it is today; a company with great prospects for the future.

Our history reflects our present-day values and objectives of dynamic, yet sustainable growth. Through four generations, Remøy Shipping has proved to be reliable for both customers and suppliers. The adventure that started with fishing operations all over the world now continues worldwide with advanced supply and seismic operations.

Our slogan “Safe and Solid” reflects both our history and what we strive to achieve every day.


What we aim to be

Remøy Shipping shall be a leading management company for offshore service vessels. We will deliver excellent services for our customers through dedicated employees, professional pride and company spirit.

At Remøy Shipping we shall be:


Professional employees that are open and direct and shows the right behaviour and attitude.


Dedicated and compliant employees that assess risk and show determination to fulfil assignments given to them by the clients.


Professionals that through exceptional experience is pro-active, embraces changes and are always eager to learn new and improved solutions.


Our focus

In Remøy Shipping we are on a day-to-day basis focused on:

  • Fulfilling our contractual obligations
  • Securing sustainable growth
  • Developing our human capital


Our company policies