It is the policy of Remøy Shipping that all employees have the right to conduct their employment in an environment that is free from any offensive, hostile or intimidating influences that may affect their job performance, safety and/or mental and physical well-being.

All employees have full responsibility to maintain the highest standards of personal behaviour within the workplace at all times. All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner, to treat their fellow employees and all other persons from any other Company office, workgroup or local population with respect and consideration.

Remøy Shipping will not tolerate any form of harassment from any source against any person including, but not limited to unwanted physical contact, verbal slurs and/or insults, uninvited and unwelcomed sexual advances or offensive or intimidating comments.

Reporting Procedure

If any employee has reason to believe that he or she is the victim of any form of discrimination or harassment, he or she should follow the steps below:

  • Inform the offending person(s) that their behaviour is offensive and/or insulting and request them to stop immediately.
  • If any person feels uncomfortable confronting the perpetrator of the offensive/insulting behaviour for any reason, they should instead report the situation to their supervisor who will take the appropriate action by reporting the incident to a Senior Manager. On receiving any report of discrimination or harassment, Senior Managers are to report the circumstances and details of the case to the CEO.
  • If the complaint of discrimination or harassment is against a Supervisor or Manager, or if any individual is uncomfortable discussing the complaint with a Supervisor or Manager, all employees have the right to report any complaint of discrimination or harassment to the HR & Crewing Manager, a Senior Manager and/or the CEO at any time.

All complaints of discrimination and/or harassment will be dealt with by Remøy Shipping in a timely manner and all related details will remain highly confidential.

Following investigation, any person found guilty of discrimination or harassment against any fellow employee will be disciplined by Remøy Shipping .Such disciplinary action may include any measure from reprimand to termination of employment.

Under no circumstances shall any form of retaliation be accepted against any employee who in good faith makes any complaint against any other person or persons regarding discrimination or harassment.

This policy is subject to annual review during Management meeting and in view of changing legal requirements, stakeholder’s expectations and company’s operations.

This policy is to be displayed on all Remøy Shipping vessels, marine operations and in shore based locations confirms our commitment to anti-harassment practices.