Remøy Shipping endeavours to conduct its business in accordance with internationally accepted business ethics and code of conduct based on principles of mutual trust, transparency, integrity, good corporate social responsibility, building community relations and no favourable treatment. The organization expects every employee, and those working on behalf of Remøy Shipping and its suppliers to adhere to this Code of Business Conduct.

Business ethics is defined as written and unwritten codes within the spirit of principles and values that govern internal decisions and actions. Ethical behaviour is based upon knowing the difference between right and wrong human and business conduct and choosing to do what is right. This Code of Business Conduct (CoBC) confirms standards regarding appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, and it demands appropriate decision making.

In implementing our Code of Business Conduct, we will adhere to following guiding principles:

 All Employees of the Comply and all working for the company being Contractors, Suppliers and their affiliates shall be conducting their business and activities in accordance with applicable law for the actual business and in line with International Human Rights Laws, applicable Employment Legislation and Regulations, practice Equal Opportunities for all Employees, and will act in line with our directions for safe and secure personal behaviour in connection with, and otherwise related to, any such business activity for and on behalf of Remøy Shipping.

In particular;

No Company funds or services shall be provided to any political party or individual regardless of whether the contributions are legal under the laws of the state or country in which they are made.

Corruption is a serious risk for integrity in business activities, for both official and private employees. Remøy Shipping CoBC requires all suppliers, contractors and joint venture partners to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to refrain from participating in corruption. A Remøy Shipping employee shall never give or accept, directly or indirectly, improper services/gifts/money/hospitality in order to achieve, or give, personal or business advantage in any situation.

Remøy Shipping employees shall not enter into agreements with intermediaries for the purpose of facilitating corruption.

The Company strives to provide its customers with best quality services at competitive rates. Employees involved with managing contracts must ensure that any statements, communications and representations are accurate and truthful. Customer confidential information must not be disclosed by any employee except where permitted by law or by written contract.

The Company strives to earn the confidence of its shareholders, with the objective of providing them with a profitable investment. The Company provides full and transparent information to all shareholders.

The Company believes in fair and open competition. All employees are prohibited from entering into arrangements with competitors that may lead to price fixing, distorting bidding process or dividing a market or generally acting in contravention of applicable competition legislation.

This policy is subject to annual review during Management meeting and in view of changing legal requirements, stakeholder’s expectations and company’s operations.

This policy is to be displayed on all vessels managed by REMØY SHIPPING, marine operations sites and in Shore based locations and confirms our commitment towards business ethics.