REMØY SHIPPING (The Company) has ZERO TOLERANCE to drug or alcohol use in the workplace. Therefore, possession, consumption, distribution or sale of alcohol and/or drugs in any form is strictly prohibited on Companies vessels, shore bases and offices. By violating this, the employee may lend himself liable to summary dismissal/termination of employment, or other disciplinary actions.

“On board vessels” – is additionally defined as:

  • The entire length of any given sailing period on a vessel – from signing on until signing off.
  • Applies equally to those on temporary contracts, permanent rotation, and permanent employees on temporary relief trips on another vessel than one’s regular vessel.

On-signers shall not consume any alcohol later than 8 hours prior to signing on the vessel, or be under any influence of alcohol or drugs when signing on.

Any employee traveling on Company cost or representing the Company shall represent REMØY SHIPPING in a decent and honourable way.

Employees that, due to drugs and/or alcohol, will lend themselves liable to disciplinary reactions, ranging from (and not limited to) cover of all additional cost for the Company to dismissal/termination of employment. Some examples are:

  • Display behaviour that may cause an individual to be denied use of public transport, including airlines
  • Deliberately or negligently fail to return to the vessel at the expected time
  • Deliberately or negligently fail to use planned travel arrangements
  • Do not attend or is not able to follow curriculum of planned training sessions
  • Do not attend/follow planned meetings (internally/externally)
  • Act in a manner that may damage the Companies reputation

The Company reserves the right to carry out unscheduled inspections to detect the presence of alcohol and/or drugs on vessels managed by Company, shore bases and offices.

Any employee involved in an incident may undergo alcohol and drug testing. Similarly, testing may be carried out for any reasonable cause or suspicion should any employee demonstrate suspicious and/or dangerous behaviour individually or involving others.

Alcohol and drug testing will be performed either by trained Company personnel or at a subcontracted medical facility and any confirmed positive results can lead to termination of employment for professional misconduct.

The Company adopts the direction given in Section B-VIII/2 Part 5 – “Guidance on prevention of drug and alcohol abuse” of The Seafarers Training, Certification and Watch-Keeping Code (STCW 95 Code).

No personnel shall consume alcohol in any country where the consumption of alcohol is forbidden by law.

This policy is subject to annual review during Management meeting and in view of changing legal requirements, stakeholder’s expectations and company’s operations.

This policy is to be displayed on all vessels managed by REMØY SHIPPING, marine operations sites and in Shore based locations and confirms our commitment towards health and safety.