REMØY SHIPPING is committed in safeguarding its personnel and assets, both corporate and clients, against any malicious or inadvertent acts that may undermine its ability to operate, by creating safe and secure operational circumstances.

Security is a support function to all REMØY SHIPPING operational activities and a shared responsibility of every employee. The management of security engages and involves all stakeholders to the benefit of all. Security is applied in a responsible manner consistent with current legislation of the country of operation, Flag State conditions and internationally accepted security practices, regulations and standards, whilst respecting the civil and human rights of all involved, REMØY SHIPPING is committed to the conditions below:

  • The Security Department (i.e. HSEQ Dept.) centrally oversees all matters pertaining to security with the setting of programs, policies and procedures.
  • The necessary leadership by managers is applied at all levels by actively supporting and applying security standards and enhancing and promoting a culture of security and safety, whilst upholding the law and respecting civil and human rights.
  • All stakeholders are continuously engaged in an honest and transparent manner, to ensure a common understanding of own security standards and employee and community concerns in respect to security, promoting a secure operating environment.
  • Appropriately evaluated information and data are applied in the design of mitigation measures in a timely manner, inclusive of the proper investigation of security incidents.
  • Suitable physical and technological security measures are applied with proper preparations conducted to ensure personnel readiness for security and crises situations.
  • A consistent zero-tolerance approach is adopted against practices contravening laws and company policies, which may result in physical and/or reputational damage.
  • Thoroughly vetted security personnel and security service providers are employed in the protection of personnel and assets.
  • Security standards are continually communicated, audited and optimised in conjunction with the different levels of management.

This policy is subject to annual review during Management meeting and in view of changing legal requirements, stakeholder’s expectations and company’s operations.

This policy is to be displayed on all vessels managed by REMØY SHIPPING, marine operations sites and in Shore based locations and confirms our commitment towards security.