REMØY SHIPPING is committed to ensure that employees are treated with respect and dignity, that employment conditions are safe, that all activities are environmentally responsible and the highest standards of ethical behaviour are maintained. REMØY SHIPPING therefore expects the same level of social and corporate responsibility from its suppliers and business partners. In implementing this policy Remøy Shipping expects that our suppliers must meet following provisions:

Legal compliance

We expect that our suppliers and business partners must comply with all applicable legal requirements in all their activities and locations of operation. This compliance will be considered as a minimum standard to measure excellence in corporate social responsibility.

Labour and Human Rights

Suppliers must uphold the human rights of theirs and our employees, and treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community. We expect that suppliers support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and to ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuse. This includes the prohibition to employ forced, bonded, indentured or child labour.

Health, Safety and Environment

Suppliers must promote safe working conditions and maintaining a healthy work environment for all their employees. Remøy Shipping expects its suppliers to have an effective environmental management system compliant with local environmental protection and strive to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations.

Business Integrity

Remøy Shipping expects that suppliers shall not violate applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations in countries where they operate. Suppliers shall not offer or accept bribes or other means to obtain undue or improper advantage. It is expected that suppliers shall uphold fair business standards in executing their business operations.

Conflicts of Interest

Remøy Shipping expects its suppliers to disclose any situation that may appear or develop into conflict of interest. We expect our suppliers to avoid any relationship, influence, or activity that might impair our employees’ ability to make objective and fair decisions. Conflict of interest laws and regulations must be abided by fully and carefully.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Suppliers must respect intellectual property rights and safeguard our information. Transfer of technology and/or expertise must be done in accordance with the intellectual property rights of REMØY SHIPPING. This includes controlled documentation of REMØY SHIPPING’s Safety Integrated Management System.

Community Engagement

Suppliers are encouraged to foster social and economic development and to contribute to the sustainability of the communities in which they operate.

This policy is subject to annual review during Management meeting and in view of changing legal requirements, stakeholder’s expectations and company’s operations.

This policy is to be displayed on all vessels managed by REMØY SHIPPING, marine operations sites and in shore based locations.