Around the turn of the century, the small open boats got replaced with larger covered vessels. A good herring fishing with drift nets was the driving force behind this development. One of the first covered vessels to be bought to Remøya was the remodeled vessel “Historia” in 1899. Knut Hansen Remøy was one of the owners of this sailing vessel.

In 1915, Knut took delivery of new vessel “Brødrene V”. At that time, his sons, Hans, Olav and Joakim, were also part of the operation. In 1925, they bought the 55-foot-long cutter “Vikenes”, which was mainly used for whaling.

In the 1950s, the third generation also got involved in the fishing business. This resulted in the company being split as well as increased activity. Olav and Joakim carried on as captains on “Vikenes” and “Brødrene V” respectively, while their sons Kjell, Andreas, Per and Steinar took delivery of 92-foot “Stormy” in 1961. “Stormy” fished for shark, swordfish, and tuna off the Africa coast as well as porbeagle fishing off Newfoundland.

During the 1980s, the shipping company engaged in the oil business with several standby vessels and a seismic vessel.

The company was split in 1991 when Per together with his sons started their own company. In 2006, the company was split again when Kjell’s heirs started their own shipping business. Remaining owners of Remøy Shipping are Steinarbo AS and Stokkanker AS with 50% each.

The fourth generation is now active in the company as employees and members of the board.